Evolve® 512 Delta EMCCD Camera

Evolve 512 Delta EMCCD Camera

Unprecedented speed and sensitivity for super-resolution applications

Discover a new way to evolve your science with the fastest and most productive EMCCD camera available in the world. The Evolve 512 Delta empowers you with the potential to obtain research results in about half the time of previous 512 EMCCD cameras. Designed specifically for demanding Super-Resolution applications, this camera delivers an unprecedented new level of speed and sensitivity.

Now with LightSpeed™ for 3,000 frames per second

Available with exclusive eXcelon technology

  • Super-Resolution
  • SMF and Tracking
  • Spinning Disk Confocal - Live Cell
  • SPIM
  • Intrinsic Imaging
  • FCS
  • TIRF
  • FRET
  • FRAP

Download the Driver for this Camera

Operating System:
Not currently supported
Minimum Version:

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