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Evolve 512 Delta
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Evolve 512 Delta
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Evolve 512 Delta
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Evolve EMCCD
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The Evolve 512 Delta
– Now even faster!

Photometrics pushes the boundaries of EMCCD camera technology again.

Now reaching 67.5 frames per second, the Evolve 512 Delta is the fastest and most optimized camera available today for Super Resolution applications.

Doubling the rate of data acquisition, the total time to collect super resolution and confocal data sets is significantly reduced. Simply said, you can acquire twice as much data in the same amount of time with the Evolve 512 Delta.

The camera also provides superior quantitative and detection performance, with accurate and precise triggering capability. It is supported by a wide range of software, including μManager and other popular microscopy software packages.

Evolve 512 Delta offers these exceptional features:
  • 20MHz 512x512 EMCCD
  • 67.5 Frames per Second
  • 75e- Read Noise, <1e- Using EM Gain
  • 16-bit Digitization
  • >90% Quantum Efficiency

Every camera is backed by a full two-year warranty so you have confidence in knowing your purchase is fully protected.

Learn how you can improve your experimental results and save time:

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Operating System:
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The Evolve 512 Delta is perfectly suited for these life science applications:
  • Super-Resolution
  • Single Molecule Fluorescence
  • Spinning Disk, Confocal - Live Cell
  • FCS
  • TIRF
  • Adaptive Optics