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Lumazone Dark Box Manual Imaging System

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The Lumazone Dark Box system is a cost-effective solution for basic macroscopic imaging applications. The Dark Box configuration includes a manual stage and provides the ability to automatically acquire brightfield images. Researchers can satisfy their particular resolution, sensitivity, and speed requirements by selecting one of four back-illuminated CCD or EMCCD cameras featuring various sensor array formats, pixel sizes, and readout rates.

Primary Applications

  • Gene expression in plants
  • Tissue-specific gene expression in animals
  • Gene expression in isolated-cell preparations
  • Study of etiological agents and mechanisms
  • Visualization of dermatological diseases
  • Investigation of circadian rhythms in plants and animals
  • Cancer biology (e.g., drug treatment efficacy, metastasis studies, preventative drug regimes)
  • Plant development studies

Application Images

Camera Options

Pixis 1024B
Best combination of sensitivity and noise performance

EM gain and faster frame rates

Vers Array 1300B
LN cooled for ultra-low-light chemiluminescence imaging

Pixis 2048B
Excellent sensitivity and large field of view

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  • High-performance CCD or EMCCD camera
  • Dark box
  • Imaging lens
  • LED light source for brightfield imaging
  • Lumazone software
  • Custom-configured computer
  • Manual stage
  • Automated brightfield image acquisition
  • Calibrated luminescence standard

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