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Download the most current software and driver for your Photometrics camera. Use our convenient Selection Tool or choose from the list below. For older versions, visit Legacy Software.

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Driver Downloads


PVCAM Setup 64-bit

PVCAM Setup 32-bit

SDK Download

PVCAM Includes:

  • Updated PCIe device driver
  • Added support for High Speed PCIe x4 interface
  • Other Fixes and Improvements

Supported in Windows 7

Photometrics Windows® 8 Support Statement
Photometrics cameras are not currently supported on the Windows 8 Operating System. Our team is actively engaged in reaching full compatibility with this new platform which will be announced when officially available.

Mac OS-X
PVCAM 2.7.7 / RS Image 1.5.2 Supports 10.3.9 - 10.5.x

Application programming interface for Photometrics digital cameras + software package customized for general imaging applications

PVCAM 2.6 This driver is provided as-is! Due to the installation process required in Linux 2.6, Photometrics is not able to provide support for this version of PVCAM.

Additional Downloads

Thesycon 1394 Stack Installer In recent updates, Microsoft released two hotfixes which updated their FireWire stack file. However, these updates cause performance drops in the functionality of Texas Instruments (TI) FireWire Controllers which ship with Photometrics cameras. These performance drops manifest with the following symptoms:
  • Image Tearing
  • Interference Lines
  • Black Images
  • Reduced Frames-per-second

Installing the Thesycon 1394 stack fixes these problems by replacing the default Microsoft stack. This remedies any problems caused by the updates.

The Thesycon FireWire stack has been thoroughly tested and does not cause any other conflicts or problems with any devices.

RSConfig Allows PVCAM 2.7.7 users to run multiple cameras simultaneously

(NOTE: DO NOT USE this version of RSConfig with Princeton Instruments cameras.)
RS Image 1.9.2 Software package customized for general imaging applications


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