PVCAM Release Notes

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Date: March 17, 2014

NOTE: Starting with PVCAM 3.0.1 the installers for PVCAM runtime (DLLs and device drivers) and PVCAM SDK (documentation, code samples, .lib files, app notes) have been split into two different installers. The SDK installer with release notes included will be available to integrators via a direct download link and to end users upon request.

In the future there might be multiple SDK versions released per each PVCAM runtime release. Make sure your SDK version matches your runtime version.

New features

  • Added initial support for sCMOS cameras starting with optiMOS by QImaging
  • Added mechanism to read Name-Value pairs from cameras (currently used with PARAM_EXPOSE_OUT_MODE and PARAM_EXPOSURE_MODE)
  • Parameter PARAM_EXPOSE_OUT_MODE has been added to enumerate available Expose Out signal behavior names. This feature is only available in optiMOS at the moment
  • Parameter PARAM_EXPOSURE_MODE can now be used to enumerate available Trigger modes (Internal, Edge and Trigger First in optiMOS) and with optiMOS these values are read from the camera thanks to its support of Extended Capabilities feature


  • Updated PCIe device driver. Added support for High Speed PCIe x4 interface.
  • Fixed an issue from PVCAM 2.9.11 where custom camera names entered via RSConfig application were not seen by pl_cam_get_name() function
  • PVCAM functions pl_exp_setup_seq() and pl_exp_setup_cont() now return error message when user tries to start acquisition with binning factor not supported by the camera. Currently this only works with optiMOS
  • PVCAM functions pl_exp_setup_seq() and pl_exp_setup_cont() now allow setting Trigger mode and Expose Out signal behavior. This is only needed for optiMOS which supports software configuration of various Expose Out behaviors. Backwards compatibility has been preserved and no changes are necessary for old cameras or for running optiMOS in default Trigger (PARAM_EXPOSURE_MODE) and Expose Out modes
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect PARAM_PMODE values and strings were reported through pl_exp_get_enum_param.

SDK updates

  • PVCAM manual has been updated with the Extended Exposure modes and Expose Out Mode chapters
  • Updated description of pl_exp_setup_seq() and pl_exp_setup_cont() calls to reflect the new ways to enter Exposure mode and Expose Out behavior
  • Sample code has been updated with multiple new examples showing basic PVCAM use cases
  • New sample application demonstrating efficient streaming to disk for high-data rate cameras such as optiMOS
  • New app note explaining use of new Trigger modes (PARAM_EXPOSURE_MODE) and Expose Out signal control in optiMOS (Extended Capabilities)
  • New app note explaining streaming to disk for high-data rate cameras

Known Issues

  • PCIe LVDS interface and High Speed PCIe x4 interface not fully functional on Windows 8
  • Time stamps incorrect on PCIe LVDS and High Speed PCIe x4 interfaces
  • BOF counter increment and callback occurring at incorrect instant with PCIe LVDS interface
  • Opening the camera in OPEN_EXCLUSIVE mode does not guarantee it will not fail when opened from another application
  • Acquisition fails in USB cameras with ROIs smaller than 10x10 pixels

Highlights since PVCAM 2.8.0

  • FRAME_INFO structure which allows passing detailed frame information (Frame number, Timestamp) has been added. Supported on Firewire interface, USB interface. Only Frame numbers working with PCIe LVDS interface and High Speed PCIe x4 interface in the latest version
  • PARAM_READOUT_TIME parameter has been added to PVCAM and Evolve-512 (in the upcoming firmware release) and Evolve-512 Delta (since firmware 10.17). This parameter allows querying the readout time for current camera settings (ROI, binning, readout speed etc.)
  • PCIe interface is now capable of using callbacks
  • Some PCIe blue-screens have been addressed, when performing long-term experiments

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