Photometrics® Partners with Leading Imaging Companies To Found European BioImaging Board

November 14, 2014

Open industry board works in association with Euro-BioImaging to foster collaboration between imaging industry and academic researchers

Tucson, AZPhotometrics joins top imaging companies to create an open industry board that will work in collaboration with Euro-BioImaging, a pan-European research infrastructure project developed to facilitate interaction between the imaging industry and academic researchers. Designed to boost European innovation in biomedical science, the board includes Leica, Nikon, Zeiss, FEI, Olympus, SVI and Photometrics.

The Euro-BioImaging project will be composed of imaging facilities, called Nodes, distributed throughout Europe. These facilities will open their doors to all life science researchers, granting access to state-of-the-art imaging instruments and training activities.

“An open line of communication between academic researchers and imaging companies will only increase the quality of research breakthroughs in Europe,” said James McKechnie, European Account Manager for Photometrics. “When researchers have access to the right tools, we all benefit from the effects of their scientific innovations.”

Plans for establishment of Euro-BioImaging came from the scientific community in Europe, but have now been adapted by governments in 17 European countries and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory. The first generation of Nodes will be selected next year.

“Euro-BioImaging Nodes are the perfect test sites for novel instruments and technologies. Their highly-skilled technical staff can test robustness and technical operation of the instruments while working on a wide range of samples and research applications from visiting Euro-BioImaging users,” said Peter Drent of Nikon, vice-chair of the industry board.

With the formation of the official board, companies have created a platform to officially interact with Euro-BioImaging, its users and technology providers. The board is now actively inviting other Bio- and Medical- imaging companies to join this open initiative and participate in the imaging revolution in Europe.

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