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Photometrics wants to be your OEM Partner. What you may not know is how easy and affordable it is to work with our OEM imaging consultant team. We’ve been helping customers achieve their goals for nearly two decades. We can attribute our success to our focus on your success. When you partner with Photometrics, your products are guaranteed, and so is the one-on-one individual attention you’ll receive through the entire OEM process.  

  • Create or Log into Your OEM Customer Portal Account
    Visit OEMImaging.com to log into your account, or to learn more about the scientific cameras and other imaging solutions available for OEM integration.
  • OEM Overview
    Learn about how you can achieve success when you partner with the Photometrics OEM imaging consultant team.
  • Case Study
    Walk through the steps of a typical Photometrics OEM engagement. Through every process, you will find successful results.
  • Contact an OEM Manager
    Contact Photometrics today to learn more about our OEM Programs and Support.

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