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Teledyne Photometrics has a deep history of expertise and experience in product delivery for OEM integration. From project initiation, throughout development, manufacturing, and post launch service and support, this focused approach has been the reason for our customer's success for nearly three decades. 

Products are innovative, easy to integrate, cost-effective and on time. We work closely with you through the entire process to ensure you achieve throughput as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For superior OEM support, learn more about a partnership with us:

Teledyne Photometrics is part of the Teledyne Imaging Group, a broad portfolio of scientific imaging companies that combined, offer decades of OEM experience. Together, our shared resources enable us to provide extensive expertise and support to our OEM customers. These shared resources have also enabled us to provide the widest range of imaging technology available in the life sciences market.

Our expertise is in quantitative imaging for life science, including:

  • Structural Genomics
  • Functional Genomics
  • Proteomics
  • Medical/Clinical
  • Cellular Imaging
  • Disease Detection/Drug Discovery

OEM product development is a key focus and a major piece of our global business strategy.

Your partnership with us provides access to:

  • Working closely with instrumentation design teams to ensure your products are developed and approved to your specifications
  • Beginning with off-the-shelf products, redesigning for cost and ensuring specific price, performance and delivery criteria are met
  • Using an intelligent camera platform and universal software interface, giving you the ability to field upgrade for new or improved performance, and secure fast adoption and flexibility for changing application requirements
  • Support after manufacturing, our team ensures your continued long-term success

TIME: Your #1 Advantage is Our Time Investment in Your Business

There are many reasons why customers choose Teledyne Photometrics as their OEM partner, but there’s one key reason they continue to rely on us – it’s TIME – we continually invest our time in every OEM customer.

Time is our greatest and most significant contribution to our customers, and this committed investment in your business gives you a significant advantage in your product delivery and business success.

We protect your interests through the entire process. Throughout every project, our team will always have the expertise you need and will advise you through the entire process. We will help you to properly select, integrate and operate a specific camera. You’ll never second guess your decisions along the way, or worse, be surprised to learn that you saved money but didn’t get the right product. Or, you only used 50% of the products' potential, and greatly over paid as a result. You’ll never endure the need to diagnose why something doesn’t operate the way it should or worry about having imaging expertise to train your internal teams.

SUPPORT: Your #2 Advantage is Our Support AFTER You’ve Gone to Market

Our time investment in your business is your #1 advantage through the development and delivery of your product. However, soon after your project is finished in manufacturing and delivered to your customers, we want to continue working with you. We are genuinely interested in reviewing market performance and customer adoption, determining potential needs you may have after you’ve received customer feedback and to defining ways we can help you provide imaging support to your customers if needed.

While there may be vendors producing cameras with similar specifications, we will never be considered a commodity supplier, because our differences extend well beyond the camera. At Teledyne Photometrics, we recognize that products go well beyond the device and include support services. We embrace this opportunity to differentiate ourselves, and dedicate resources to continually support you. It is because of these dedicated resources that Teledyne Photometrics maintain a loyal customer base. Our customers will claim, it is our ongoing support that makes us different from other suppliers, giving you another advantage when you engage with us for your next project.

Should you ever need support, it is available to you in many ways. All of the members from your initial engagement team are available to you, as well as our technical support teams. We are accessible via phone, email, online forms and interactive chat.

Our customers boast about our exceptional technical support and consistently provide high ratings through ongoing customer service surveys. To maintain these high ratings, several International Service Centers opened for business in 2010 to expedite response times and provide personalized support in every global region. These Service Centers are in addition to an already broad range of support options that are available to all Teledyne Photometrics customers.

Our number one goal is to help you get it right – no matter what that requires for your product and market. There are times when it’s prohibitive for us to offer the lowest cost or even the most advanced technology. Sometimes these come with compromise. But our ideology stands firm. Our commitment to your business exists both before and after your product moves into manufacturing. This has been most evident when a customer engages with a competitor, then experiences first-hand the significant difference. They come back every time.

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