Iris 9 CMOS Camera

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The Iris 9 incorporates a sensitive sensor at its core with nine million 4.25µm pixels. The camera boasts a 70% peak Quantum Efficiency optimized detection across the VIS and NIR spectrum. Its powerful FPGA, a signature Teledyne Photometrics design that delivers a variety of inline processing capabilities for your instrument.

Large Field of View Imaging
  • Outstanding 25mm diagonal field of view allows you to capture all the important data with fewer exposures.
  • Ideal for microarrays and screening applications where fewer frames = faster results.
The Right Camera for Your Project
  • Iris cameras are available in 9MP or 15MP, monochrome or color and communicate over USB or PCIe.
  • Whatever your next instrument design requires, there is an Iris camera that fits.
Computational Processing
  • Teledyne Photometrics believes the best way our cameras can help your instrument be the best in its class is to help deliver answers - not just images.
  • Robust FPGAs are used in our Iris cameras to allow routines like SpotFinder to run… or for you to include your own algorithms inline to create that truly special product.
Design Flexibility
  • The Teledyne Photometrics Iris cameras are remarkably small - 15MP sensor, regulated 0° C cooling and advanced computational engine all in a 76mm x 76mm x 93mm housing.
  • Our OEM team will help with customized mechanical modifications, unique graphics and specific testing routines to ensure your product is exactly as you need it.
Faster Time to Market
  • Our PVCAM SDK is easy to learn and easy to use.
  • PVCAM runs all Teledyne Photometrics cameras, so once integrated, there is flexibility to include other cameras across your product lines.
A Team to Count On
  • Starting with your first call with us, we are dedicated to becoming your best supplier. Our OEM Imaging team takes great pride in helping our customers create great products and it shows.
  • Microarray Instruments
  • High Content and High Throughput Cell Screening
  • Genomic Analysis / Sequencing
  • Biochip and Microfluidics Measurements
  • Tissue and Cellular Imaging
  • Clinical Diagnostics

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