Life Cycle Management

Responsive and Transparent Process

Realize two major benefits when working with Teledyne Photometrics:

  1. Unprecedented professionalism and responsiveness.
  2. A well-tuned manufacturing processes that deliver quality to your every requirement.

Teledyne Photometrics is proud of its carefully managed sensor supply chain, mature manufacturing processes and state of the art testing capabilities. Our key to successful life-cycle management is our ability to provide responsiveness and transparency through the entire process — from managing initial prototypes to ramping up to production volumes, to keeping you apprised of any and all changes or adjustments, to providing an easy development platform for transitions to the next generation of technology.

OEM Management

Our successful life cycle management includes:

  • Quick response to changing market opportunities using a broad range of standard or completely customized solutions
  • Flexible and future proof software development platform enables easy transitions to newer products
  • Customized BOM guarantees consistent performance
  • Customized testing for each product ensures and verify performance
  • Accurate and precise product scheduling and delivery
  • ISO 9001 certification ensures prioritized quality
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