Teledyne Photometrics Scientific Cameras and Imaging Products

Teledyne Photometrics products are state-of-the-art and have contributed to the advancement of science and research for over three decades. Every Teledyne Photometrics camera is backed by one of the industry’s leading Warranty Plans and meets the high standards of our Product Quality Policy. Our retired demonstration cameras are also available for purchase and are backed by these same guarantees and standards.

  • Prime BSI Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) Camera
    This 4.2 Megapixel camera with 6.5µm pixels captures highly detailed images while acquiring data at high frame rates. Its optimized pixel design offers 95% Quantum Efficiency to maximize signal detection.
  • Prime 95B CMOS Camera Series
    This Scientific CMOS camera series includes the Prime 95B, Prime 95B 25mm and the Prime 95B 22mm that provide 95% Quantum Efficiency, large field of view and more to support a wide range of research applications.
  • Iris 15 Scientific CMOS Camera
    This 15 Megapixel Scientific CMOS camera offers a large field of view, 30 frames per second and amazing image quality.
  • Prime sCMOS Camera
    Award winning Prime is the only Scientific CMOS camera with dominion over photon noise. Discover how its unprecedented computational capabilities compare to all other sCMOS cameras.
  • CCDs and EMCCDs
    The Evolve family of EMCCDs are some of the most sophisticated imaging solutions in the industry. These high performance cameras support a wide range of research applications.
  • Multichannel Imaging Systems
    Teledyne Photometrics offers Dual View and Quad View Simultaneous Imaging Systems.
  • Ocular Imaging Software
    Available for purchase with your Teledyne Photometrics camera, Ocular is built from the ground up and presents a clean interface that requires almost zero learning curve.
  • Retired Demo Cameras
    Minimize your investment by saving up to 30% on retired demonstration products.
  • Legacy Cameras
    Access information and specifications for older Teledyne Photometrics cameras.