Legacy Camera: CoolSNAP HQ2 CCD Camera

CoolSNAP HQ2 CCD Camera

Fast with High Resolution for Quantitative Fluorescence Microscopy

The CoolSNAP HQ2 is a fast, high-resolution camera designed for quantitative fluorescence microscopy applications. This cooled CCD camera delivers wide dynamic range with very low noise at both 10 MHz and 20 MHz. Megapixel resolution and small pixel pitch allow imaging of fine detail. The pixels can also be easily binned to improve sensitivity. Advanced interline-transfer CCD technology offers high quantum efficiency, most notably in the near-infrared (NIR) portion of the spectrum.

Recommended Replacement Camera: Prime Scientific CMOS

  • Turbo 1394 interface (FireWire)
  • 1392 x 1040 imaging pixels
  • 6.45 x 6.45-µm pixels
  • Detector cooled to -30°C
  • >60% quantum efficiency
  • Dual-speed readout modes (10 MHz or 20 MHz) permit ultra-low-noise readout or rapid readout
  • User-friendly gain slider for higher-speed qualitative imaging as well as discrete quantitative gain modes
  • 14-bit images
  • Extreme Eclipse Technology
  • Live-cell imaging
  • High-speed emission ratio imaging
  • Low-copy gene analysis and gene expression profiling
  • Quantitative FRET, FRAP, FISH
  • Luminescence

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