QI674 CCD Camera

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The Analytical Instrumentation Designer’s Answer to Faster Better

This 2.8 MP CCD camera is highly efficient and offers flexibility over image readout patterns and signal binning. It’s deep cooling virtually eliminates dark current noise, improving limits of detection and quantification.

Extreme Low Light Imaging
  • 75% peak QE combined with low noise electronics reveals the weak signals missed by industrial cameras
  • Increased exposure time and binning enables detection of the faintest signals with deep sensor cooling to < 2 e-/pixel/hour
Rapid Find and Focus
  • 50 MHz two port readout simplifies finding and focusing on samples, while the ultra-low noise 725 KHz readout reduces electronic noise to neglible levels
Perfect Image Capture
  • Advanced anti-blooming and two-shot EDR and HDR modes extend dynamic range using separate exposures to capture the brightest and weakest signals present in the sample
Flawless Images
  • Intelligent Quantification provides advanced real-time FPGA algorithms to deliver better image quality
  • Intelligent Quantificaion enables Pixel Defect Correction β€” EDR β€” HDR β€” Dynamic Dark Frame Subtraction
Flexibility to Grow with Your Business
  • OEM customization of mechanicals, sensors, algorithms and testing ensures that investment in the QI platform pays for decades
Faster Time to Market
  • USB3.0 and PVCAM SDK makes integrating the QI674 easy and painless
  • USB2 mode for backward compatibility particularly with embedded computing hardware
  • Biochip Measurements
  • Biomedical Analyzers
  • Cell Screening
  • Precision Photometry
  • Clinical Diagnostics
  • Tissue and Cellular Imaging

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