Legacy Camera: Cascade:128+ EMCCD Camera

Cascade 1128+ EMCCD Camera

Unprecedented Speed and Sensitivity

The Cascade:128+ can collect more than 500 full frames of true 16-bit data per second. This cooled EMCCD camera operates an "e2v CCD60" device at 12 MHz, effectively maximizing frame rates while preserving optimal readout performance. An unprecedented combination of speed and sensitivity makes the Cascade:128+ a perfect choice for neuroscience applications and single-molecule fluorescence.

Recommended Replacement Camera: Evolve 128 EMCCD

  • 128 x 128 imaging pixels
  • 24 x 24-µm pixels
  • >92% quantum efficiency
  • Detector cooled to -30°C
  • EM gain
  • >500 full frames/sec
  • 12-MHz operation
  • Back-illuminated,frame-transfer EMCCD
  • 100% duty cycle
  • 16-bit images
  • Neurosciences
  • Single-molecule fluorescence
  • Live-cell microscopy
  • Spinning-disc confocal microscopy

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