Background Event Reduction Technology®

This Advanced Feature identifies and enables the ability to correct pixels that are likely to contain spurious event data

Background Event Reduction Technology enables researchers to identify the pixels that are likely to contain spurious event data and then correct the data, if desired.

  • Specifically designed for EMCCD cameras
  • Your imaging system can be set up to remove spurious events which could not have been generated via incident photons
  • Real-time spurious event filter for use on EMCCDs

In EMCCD cameras, single spurious background events are often multiplied through the EMCCD register into larger, more measurable spurious events.

These are often referred to as “speckles” in the image.

Teledyne Photometrics has developed this real-time feature to help users identify such events and remove them, or correct for them, in their images instantly.

This will allow the image captured to more accurately represent what the sample is and will specifically remove artifacts produced via the EMCCD.

Users can set a threshold parameter which sets a limit to where they feel light can vary from pixel to adjacent pixel in their imaging system.

Spuriously large pixel values which could not have come from the actual sample being imaged are replaced with a best approximation.

This serves to absolutely minimize the influence of clock-induced charge and thermally-induced amplified events on acquired data.

Features may be turned ON/OFF.

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Download the Advanced Feature Set brochure for Evolve EMCCD cameras.