Quant-View® Advanced Feature

This advanced feature enables your Teledyne Photometrics camera to read out pixel values in photoelectrons for quantitative research results

In the past, scientific-grade CCD cameras provided data to researchers in arbitrary units, making it time consuming and challenging to duplicate or reproduce study results from different sources. Quant-View allows the camera to read out pixel values in terms of electrons.

  • Evolve calculates:
    - Analog Gain (Gain State)
    - Electron Multiplication Gain (EM Gain)
    - Bias level
  • Evolve quantifies the image in photoelectrons in real-time
  • Quant-View feature may be turned ON/OFF
  • Compare real electron counts instead of relative or arbitrary measurements
  • Monitor and accurately quantify your data
  • Standardize data sets between:
    - Different experiments over time
    - Lab personnel
    - Different labs
  • Easily identify over-expression artifacts and results
  • Express your data in a fundamental unit of measurement
  • Set the standard in your research

A CCD counts photons by generating electrons when incident photons hit the device’s array. These electrons are counted and then converted into an analog-to-digital unit (ADU) value. High-performance camera companies such as Teledyne Photometrics provide users the system gain number, enabling them to convert the ADU value back into actual electrons.

Quant-View performs this conversion for users in real-time. The camera reads out the pixel values in electrons measured. It also serves to demonstrate when optimal EM gain is applied to a low light image, hence prevents over-usage of the EM gain register and extends the life of the camera.

Features may be turned ON/OFF.

(r)evolutionary new features

Download the Advanced Feature Set brochure for Evolve EMCCD cameras.