Rapid-Cal® Advanced Feature

This EM calibration process is the fastest and most accurate in the industry

Rapid-Cal provides the most accurate and fastest EM calibration technique in the industry, taking only 3 minutes from start to finish. Unlike other cameras, the Evolve requires no special attachments, nor does it need to be detached from the microscope, truly simplifying the calibration process. At last, measured performance!

  • Quickly and easily calibrate your system
  • The industry’s most accurate electron multiplication calibration
  • Calibrated via actual physical measurements translates into real, true measurement – NOT predicted or average values
  • Accuracy is equivalent to performing EM-Gain mapping by taking over 5000 points on the EM Gain curve and calibrating

EMCCD cameras are subject to aging of the EMCCD register as a result of its usage. The Evolve has a simple calibration feature that performs the industry’s most accurate EM calibration within 3 minutes.

A simple turn of the camera’s nose-piece closes a shutter and activates a light source which the detector uses to calibrate its EM gain. This ensures that users will receive the most accurate EM gain and EM gain applied matches what the user requests.

Simple software control will allow the user to use this feature as a manual shutter in order to block all light from the sensor in order to take dark reference frames if necessary.

(r)evolutionary new features

Download the Advanced Feature Set brochure for Evolve EMCCD cameras.