Vari-Bit® Advanced Feature

Determine and select the most relevant digitization bit depth for your experiments

Evolve’s Vari-Bit feature represents the industry’s first selectable bit-depth functionality on any EMCCD camera.

This feature allows camera users to decide at which bit-depth the digitization of the image should occur.

Often with EMCCD imaging in biology, the intrascene dynamic range does not justify the use of high bit-depth digitization (e.g., 16 bits) and the resultant image contains gray levels that represent fractions of photoelectrons.

Now users can determine and select a more relevant digitization bit depth for their experiments.

Selectable bit-depth of digitization between 8-, 10-, 12-, 14- and 16-bit in EM and non-EM channels and all speeds (10MHz, 5MHz and 1.25MHz).

  • Match your dynamic range to the digitization
  • Ensure real physical differences between different grey levels of your data
  • Matching bit-depth to the actual dynamic range can make image transitions appear sharper due to greater contrast

Vari-Bit allows the digitization bit-depth to be more closely matched to the actual intrascene dynamic range, resulting in better image quality.

Actual transitions between light levels from pixel to pixel will appear sharper to the eye and the user will be more certain of the results they are seeing.

Using higher bit-depth digitization does not make the measurements any less quantitative when measuring a scene with a low dynamic range, however, it may introduce many extra (or unnecessary) grey levels which do not actually represent real physical photons.

(r)evolutionary new features

Download the Advanced Feature Set brochure for Evolve EMCCD cameras.