Imaging SystemsDC2

Multichannel Imaging

The DC2 is an emission splitting system enabling a user to acquire 2 spatially identical but spectrally distinct images simultaneously. Simultaneous, multichannel imaging is essential to directly compare each of the two image channels. This comparison can be in the form of co-localization analysis, emission ratiometric analysis or polarization studies of single wavelength channel.

Key Features

  • Simultaneous acquisition of two full-field emission images
  • Emission can be separated by wavelength, polarization, or amplitude
  • Increases scanning speeds by a factor of two in high-content screening applications
  • Easily mounts to most microscopes
  • Improved adjustment control enables easier image alignment
  • Exchangeable filter cube allows multiple applications to be run with minimal realignment
  • Bypass mode allows user to send all of the emission light to a single camera
  • Integrated, adjustable CCD mask minimizes ghosting
  • Independent focus adjustment for each camera
  • Works with many Teledyne Photometrics and QImaging cameras*

* As some combinations of microscopes and objectives, particularly in some newer Olympus and Zeiss stand/objective configurations, have displayed vignetting, it is recommended that the DC2 be tested for compatibility with your system. Please contact your local Teledyne Photometrics representative to verify compatibility with specific cameras.

Primary Applications

  • High Content Screening
  • Multicolor TIRF
  • Polarization/Anisotropy
  • Fluorescence Biosensors
  • FRET
  • Simultaneous Fluorescence/DIC


Technical Note