Imaging SystemsQV2

Multichannel Imaging

The QV2 allows simultaneous acquisition of up to four emission channels in a single exposure. The QV2 uses a series of beamsplitters to split the emission light from the microscope into four separate channels. Each channel is then projected onto one quadrant of the CCD at exactly the same moment in time. Simultaneous multichannel imaging is essential to achieve quantitative ratiometric imaging.

Key Features

  • Simultaneous acquisition of up to four images
  • Can split the emission by wavelength, polarization, or amplitude
  • Easily mounts to most microscopes
  • Uses standard 25-mm-diameter emission and polarization filters
  • Bypass mode permits no-hassle, full FOV imaging
  • Removable filter cube makes configuring different experiments simple
  • Precision optical and mechanical design allows subpixel image registration and minimizes light loss
  • Works with many Teledyne Photometrics and QImaging cameras*

* Please contact your local Teledyne Photometrics representative to verify compatibility with specific cameras.

Primary Applications

  • Three-color fluorescence and DIC
  • Two-color polarization/anisotropy studies
  • Simultaneous calcium and pH studies with indo-1 and SNARF
  • FRET
  • Quantum Dot Imaging


Technical Note