CMOS Cameras

Prime Family of Scientific CMOS Cameras

Photometrics Prime BSI Scientific CMOS Camera
This 4 Megapixel camera with 6.5µm pixels captures highly detailed images with great quality while acquiring data at high frame rates. Prime BSI is the perfect balance between high resolution and sensitivity with 95% QE and is versatile for live cell techniques, including TIRF and Light Sheet microscopy.
Photometrics Prime 95B Scientific CMOS Camera
When discovery depends on every photon, the Prime 95B Scientific CMOS camera offers the highest level of sensitivity. Designed with backside illumination, see how its 95% QE provides near perfect detection.
Photometrics Prime Scientific CMOS Camera
Award winning Prime is the only Scientific CMOS camera with dominion over photon noise. Discover how its unprecedented computational capabilities compare to all other sCMOS cameras.

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Iris Family of Scientific CMOS Cameras

Photometrics Iris Scientific CMOS Camera
Delivering a 15 megapixel sensor with a 25 millimeter field of view, Iris 15 provides extremely high-resolution images over a large imaging area, giving researchers the ability to capture more live cells in every acquisition for a wide variety of applications.

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