Prime Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) Camera

Prime BSI Camera
  • 4.2 Megapixel Scientific CMOS Camera
  • 6.5µm x 6.5µm Pixel Area
  • 72% Quantum Efficiency
  • Real-time Computational Capabilities

Teledyne Photometrics Prime and its replacement is the first intelligent Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) camera to incorporate a powerful FPGA-based Embedded Signal Processing™ engine, enabling PrimeEnhance and PrimeLocate, two advanced, real-time processing features. This product is now replaced by our new Prime BSI sCMOS camera featuring 95% QE.

Picture of Prime sCMOS Camera

The Prime sCMOS camera is an extremely versatile life science imaging solution. It is a high resolution camera with great sensitivity, extremely low noise, high frame rates and impressive dynamic range. The large field of view is ideal for microscopy, maximizing usefulness of the imaging area.

PrimeEnhance - before PrimeEnhance - after

Winner of multiple industry awards, Prime's embedded signal processing engine quantitatively restores images that are hidden in photon noise. Learn more its advanced, real‐time processing features:

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  • Extremely Low Read Noise
    • 1.1e- (median)
    • 1.3e- (rms)
  • Fast Frame Rates
    • 100 fps
  • Large Field of View
    • 18.8mm sensor diagonal
  • Optimized Pixel Size
    • 6.5 micron pixel pitch
  • High Quantum Efficiency
    • 72% peak QE
  • Enhanced Dynamic Range
    • 30,000:1
    • 89.5dB
  • ESP
    • PrimeEnhance
    • PrimeLocate
    • Multi-ROI (Region of Interest)
  • Advanced Triggering
    • Multiple Expose Out Triggering

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