Maximize Your Super-Resolution Performance

Receive a Super-Resolution Microscopy Kit with Prime 95B when you use the Promo Code

Prime 95B with PrimeEnhance and PrimeLocate
Prime 95B with Gattaquant Nanorulers

Evaluate and improve your imaging capabilities using the Prime super-resolution kit. Use the following promo code when you submit your order: 01-Prime95B-Super-Res-Kit.

The Prime Super-Resolution Kit Includes:

  • Prime 95B Camera for maximized sensitivity, field of view and frame rate, making it ideal for super-resolution acquisition
  • Gattaquant Nanorulers to verify localization accuracy and precision
  • PrimeEnhance feature to increase localization precision
  • PrimeLocate feature to reduce the data glut caused by collection of large datasets

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