Signal to Noise Calculator

Signal to Noise Calculator

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The Signal to Noise Ratio calculator provides you with a helpful tool which allows you to calculate the SNR of your camera set up. SNR characterizes the quality of a measurement. It is necessary to ensure that the signal level relative to noise is adequate to allow capture of accurate image information.

  1. Enter the Gain value for your camera. If you do not have it, please use the Mean Variance (Gain) calculator.
  2. Enter the grey level values (275ADU's) for your signal.
  3. Enter the Read Noise for your camera. If you do not have it, please use the Read Noise calculator above.

  1. Enter the dark current value for your camera. This is normally available on the datasheet provided to you with the camera or on the Manufacturer's website.
  2. Enter the exposure time of image.
  3. This will return with
    • The number of electrons in your signal
    • The noise caused by dark current
    • Total noise
    • Signal to Noise Ratio
    • Noise in grey scale values (ADU's)

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