Third Party Software

Photometrics maintains partnerships with several third party software providers. New and legacy scientific cameras are supported by a wide range of these third party applications. Learn more about each offering and which cameras are supported by each option.

Scientific CMOS
Scientific Camera
cellSens Dimensions Imaging Software from Olympus
Image-Pro Insight 9 Software by Media Cybernetics
Image-Pro Premier Software by Media Cybernetics
LabView System Design Software from National Instruments
MatLab Image Acquisition ToolBox from Mathworks®
MetaMorph® Software from Molecular Devices
Micro-Manager Open Source Microscopy Software
NIS-Elements Imaging Software from Nikon Instruments
SlideBook 6 Software by Intelligent Imaging
StreamPix Multi Camera Digital Video Recording Software from Norpix
VisiView® from Visitron Systems GmbH
ZEN Digital Imaging Software for Microscopy from Zeiss

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