Image-Pro Premier Software by Media Cybernetics

Media Cybernetics

Image-Pro Premier Software is a powerful and customizable imaging platform driven by over 30 years of user feedback. If offers native 64-bit support, a user friendly interface and a suite of 2D measurement solutions.

Image-Pro's technique for performing Automatic Measurements is the foremost solution for gathering data from images by segmentation systems. A simple step-wise approach to the problem is designed to provide the ultimate flexibility to analyze nearly any image type while remaining simple enough to quickly learn and teach to others.

Image Pro Premier Box Image Pro Premier Screenshot

Additional Image-Pro Modules are also available:

  • 2D Image Capture
  • Live Preview without limits
  • LIVE Extended Depth of Field
  • LIVE Tiling
  • LIVE Measurements
  • LIVE image comparison
  • LIVE calibrated crosshair grid
  • Instant Acquisition capture
  • HDR capture
  • Record time-lapse events
  • Fixed interval vs Fast as possible
  • LIVE Intensity over time
  • Stream to Disk