SlideBook 6 Software by Intelligent Imaging

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SlideBook from Intelligent Imaging Innovation is a powerful experiment automation and analysis package designed for advanced fluorescence microscopy.

The software includes standard with drivers to control hundreds of instruments in and around the microscope. Online, data is acquired in a native-3D format over time, color and specimen locations in customizable¬†experiment protocols. Offline, data can be analyzed by a wide variety of tools for image processing including¬†mathematical operations, statistics functions, analysis scripting and import/export to/from MATLAB®. Additional modules are available for special applications ranging from deconvolution to photomanipulation to multiphoton.

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  • 3D Deconvolution
  • CellNet Pattern Recognition
  • Digital Holography
  • FLIM
  • FRET
  • Photomanipulation
  • Rapid 4D Streaming
  • Ratio Imaging
  • Scanning
  • Stereology
  • Super-Resolution Particle Tracking