Volocity Software from Quorum Technologies

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Volocity is an innovative, high performance 3D imaging software product designed specifically for Life Science research. It allows the user to visualize, explore and analyze multi-channel 3D volumes over time, providing information that is difficult to obtain in any other way. It’s a complete imaging package that consists of four unique, totally integrated products that provide a suite of tools for 2D, 3D and 4D imaging. These tools are coordinated through Volocity’s unique Library format, which acts as a user-friendly image database for raw and quantified images.

The Volocity imaging suite is made up of four modules:

  • Volocity Acquisition for high speed, 3D image capture
  • Volocity Visualization to provide rapid, interactive, high-resolution volume rendering of multi-channel 3D and 4D data sets
  • Volocity Quantitation, which provides a comprehensive range of options to analyze structure and function in 3D and 4D image data
  • Volocity Restoration, which provides a choice of proven deconvolution algorithms

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