ZEN Digital Imaging Software for Microscopy from Zeiss

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ZEN - ZEISS Efficient Navigation is the single user interface you will see on all light microscopy imaging systems from Carl Zeiss. ZEN microscope software leads you simply and quickly to the result.

At all times you see which options the system is making available to you and which step is appropriate to take next. Use ZEN imaging software to achieve scientific success: nothing diverts you from your goal - to document your results and reproduce them at any time.

As a result you save time, reduce training and support costs, and get faster answers to your questions.

  • Focus on What You Need
    ZEN controls all light microscope systems from Carl Zeiss, letting you operate all of your devices with the same convenient interface. ZEN arranges operating elements in a way that follows your work flow. Functions you use only rarely are hidden away, out of sight - but always there with a single click.
  • Select Fluorophore. Acquire. Done.
    Smart Setup is the core of ZEISS ZEN microscope software – your intelligent control centre. Select the dye for your sample from the database with more than 500 dyes and ZEN automatically applies all necessary settings for your imaging system.
  • A Secure Format for Important Data
    The security of your data gets top priority as ZEN stores each of your experiments with all its metadata. Using the new data format .czi from Carl Zeiss you easily process even the huge amount of data you acquire with our fast 3D imaging systems. Alternatively, store your images as OME-TIFF, the image format specification of the Open Microscopy Environment, to facilitate cross-platform image data exchange even including your valuable metadata.