Better Answers Faster: Drive Instrument Innovation with 95% QE and Computational Imaging

In this webinar, the Photometrics OEM division shares how customers can break the model of “cameras are only good for imaging.” Cameras can be thought of as the engine at the center of an instrument and as such can do much more than just produce images.

Many strategies for using computational algorithms will be discussed - from plugging in ‘standard’ routines that Photometrics has developed to efficient use of computational space to deploy custom processing. See how to use computational imaging to help differentiate products and to see what sets Photometrics apart from other “just camera” companies.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the capabilities offered in modern, high QE cameras
  • Create familiarity with computational imaging as a tool for instrument builders
  • Use case studies to illustrate the utility of computational imaging

See the Prime BSI Scientific CMOS Camera

See the Prime 95B Scientific CMOS Camera

OEM Opportunities with Photometrics