Advisory for PVCAM Installations under Linux Kernel version 2.6

As a supplier of high-performance imaging hardware, Photometrics continually strives to support the wide variety of operating systems used by our customers. Recently, we have released an "unsupported" PVCAM camera driver designed to operate under SUSE Linux Kernel 2.6.

This version of Linux requires several advanced steps and specific Linux experience to install specialized hardware drivers (such as PVCAM) on a new system, including:

1. Install all of the current Kernel Sources on the target system.

2. Compile the Kernel.

3. Install the compiled Kernel in the appropriate location in the target system, including correct permissions.

4. Reboot using the new compiled Kernel with the appropriate safeties in place to recover the previous Kernel if the new Kernel fails.

5. Build the provided PMPCI driver into the confines of the new Kernel source tree with correct permissions.

6. Place the PMPCI Kernel in the appropriate location within the running 2.6 OS Kernel.

7. Install the standard PVCAM library.

Due to the complexity of this installation process, variation between other Linux Kernels, and the varied build requirements on specific machines, an installation of this driver requires a solid working knowledge of the Linux architecture, the Kernel compilation process, and permissions. Accordingly, Photometrics is unable to provide installation support for the Linux 2.6 PVCAM driver system. Bugs found in a working installation will be corrected as usual, but problems with new installations are too difficult to diagnose remotely, and will require on-site expertise. If you wish to install the PVCAM driver on a Linux 2.6 operating system, we strongly recommend contacting a regional Linux expert for assistance.