PVCAM Software


PVCAM stands for Photometrics Virtual Camera Access Method.

The exclusive PVCAM application programming interface for high-performance digital cameras is a set of software library routines that implements a camera's operations in a hardware-independent, platform-independent ("virtual") suite of function calls. Once an application has been written to control one PVCAM-enabled camera, every Photometrics PVCAM-enabled camera is then compatible with the application. The transparent PVCAM interface supports a wide variety of popular third-party imaging packages. All Photometrics cameras are PVCAM-enabled.

Interface features include multiple-port access for PVCAM-enabled cameras; circular buffers and event streaming that improve high-frame-rate performance; and a powerful Software Developers' Kit that helps expert users efficiently access and utilize PVCAM's full range of capabilities.

Compatible with Windows 2000/XP, Mac OS X, and SUSE Linux (kernel version 2.6)

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