PVCAM Release Notes

Version Number:

Date: July 10, 2014

Notes: The PVCAM SDK is no longer part of the PVCAM runtime package and is available for download as a separate package under the following links:

Please, check that your PVCAM and SDK package versions match in Programs and Features dialogue.

PVCAM End-User License Agreement

New features

  • PVCAM internals redesign, helping to improve the reliability and robustness of the camera system.
  • Official Windows 8 support.


  • Improved robustness of callbacks when used with high-speed cameras.
  • Improved FRAME_INFO delivery system, so that it is more commonly delivered correctly in scenarios that the application is given a small amount time to retrieve it between frames. Previously, an issue was seen with FRAME_INFO being updated prematurely (if retrieved through pl_get_latest_frame or other polling routines) after a callback was triggered by the driver.
  • Before the new PVCAM installation the old version has to be uninstalled by the user first. The installer shows an error message if an older PVCAM version has been detected.
  • BOF counter increment timing on the PCIe LVDS interface has been fixed in the interface firmware, contact Photometrics if you wish to have your interface board updated.

SDK updates

  • Stream Saving sample application has been updated

Known Issues

  • PCIe LVDS interface not functional on Windows 8
  • Time stamps incorrect on PCIe LVDS and High Speed PCIe x4 interfaces
  • Error handling when using multiple cameras at the same time, in the same process, is not fully implemented.
  • Opening the camera in OPEN_EXCLUSIVE mode does not guarantee it will not fail when opened from another application
  • Acquisition fails in USB cameras with ROIs smaller than 10x10 pixels

Highlights since PVCAM 2.8.0

  • Mechanism to read Name-Value pairs from cameras (currently used with PARAM_EXPOSE_OUT_MODE and PARAM_EXPOSURE_MODE)
  • FRAME_INFO structure which allows passing detailed frame information (Frame number, Timestamp) has been added. Supported on Firewire interface, USB interface. Only Frame numbers working with PCIe LVDS interface and High Speed PCIe x4 interface in the latest version
  • PARAM_READOUT_TIME parameter has been added to PVCAM and Evolve-512 (in the upcoming firmware release) and Evolve-512 Delta (since firmware 10.17). This parameter allows querying the readout time for current camera settings (ROI, binning, readout speed etc.)
  • PCIe interface is now capable of using callbacks
  • Some PCIe blue-screens have been addressed, when performing long-term experiments