PVCAM Release Notes

Version Number:

Date: March 1, 2015

Notes: The PVCAM SDK is no longer part of the PVCAM runtime package and is available for download as a separate package at this link:

Please, check that your PVCAM and SDK package versions match in Programs and Features dialogue.

PVCAM End-User License Agreement

New features

  • Improved Meta-data and Time-stamp functionality.


  • Fixes for PCIe X4 High Speed interface:
    • Fixed issue where aborting an acquisition before arrival of the first frame caused the PCIe X4 High Speed interface to hang.
  • Fixes for USB Cameras:
    • Fixed stress test failure where multiple open and close of PVCAM cameras was causing errors.
    • Fixed PVCamTest issues with CoolSNAP MYO
  • Removal of EmGainCal Utility from PVCAM Installation

SDK updates

  • Stream Saving sample application has been updated

Known Issues

  • PCIe LVDS interface not functional on Windows 8
  • Error handling when using multiple cameras at the same time, in the same process, is not fully implemented.
  • Opening the camera in OPEN_EXCLUSIVE mode does not guarantee it will not fail when opened from another application
  • Acquisition fails in USB cameras with ROIs smaller than 10x10 pixels