PVCAM Release Notes

Version Number:

Date: January 20, 2017


  • Added new parameters to retrieve various camera timing information related to frame rates (select camera models)
  • Added interface detection parameters for USB3.0 and PCI-Express (select camera models)
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements in the USB device driver.

SDK updates

  • Once PVCam SDK is installed, Code samples can be found in the following location:
    • %programfiles%\Photometrics\PVCamSDK\Examples\
    • One specific subfolder in this path has been renamed to "PvcamCodeSamples".
    • This subfolder has basic examples for various acquisition modes supported by PVCam.
  • Several code samples are now built with Visual Studio 2012 Professional & Express Update 5. Suitable version of Visual Studio is needed for successful compilation. Please contact customer support for any clarifications needed.
  • Slightly older versions of StreamSaving and PrdTiffConverter have been included compared to build 34 for PVCAM

Known Issues

  • Prime/Prime 95B not detected in Ocular.
  • Trigger First not supported with MDA's for (interval > exposure times).