PVCAM Release Notes

Version Number:

Date: June 30, 2017


  • Optimized internal PVCAM functions.
  • Updated installer and binaries to use new GLOBALSIGN certificate.
  • Corrected bug with the USB3 trigger functionality where camera would return an image after a trigger delay of greater than three seconds.
  • Fixed camera detection order.
    • Order of interface detection: (1) PCI, (2) USB, (3) Firewire, (4) PCIe
  • Changes to CPU Power States. Default is ‘high performance’ and applies to all users after logon.
  • The following changes were made to 2nd generation USB driver:
    • Updated driver file signature to conform with the new Windows 10 1607 “Anniversary Update” requirements.
    • Improved stability and performance with Prime 95B camera.
  • Added new utility called Version Information 1.2.16 to the runtime installer that provides information on:
    • PVCAM version, libraries present in system, camera and application version information.
  • Includes PVCAMTest Executable Package 3.3.105:
    • Added camera Interface type detection.
    • Added ‘camera parameter browser’ feature.
    • Supports color imaging in PVCAM based color cameras with updated color helper library.

SDK updates

  • Once PVCam SDK is installed, Code samples can be found in the following location:
    • %programfiles%\Photometrics\PVCamSDK\Examples\
    • One specific subfolder in this path has been renamed to “PvcamCodeSamples”.
    • This subfolder has basic examples for various acquisition modes supported by PVCam.
  • Several code samples are now built with Visual Studio 2012 Professional and Express Update 5. Suitable version of Visual Studio is needed for successful compilation. Please contact customer support for any clarifications needed.
  • Slightly older versions of StreamSaving and PrdTiffConverter have been included compared to build 34 for PVCAM

Known Issues

  • Trigger First not supported with MDA's for (interval > exposure times).