RS Image Software

RS ImageRS Image is an image-acquisition software package designed to support all PVCAM camera functions under an intuitive user interface.

Features include:

  • Color and monochrome camera support
  • Exposure control for auto-exposure, bias, dark, raw, and corrected image acquisition
  • Sequence acquisition and viewing
  • Region of interest (ROI) and binning definition
  • CCD temperature control
  • Brightness, contrast, and gamma control for color and monochrome images
  • Independent focus and acquire parameters
  • RGB color merge
  • Display scaling and thresholding
  • User-defined "Experiment Setup" files
  • Ability to save as TIF (8-, 16-, 24-, and 48-bit formats), JPG, and BMP files
  • Complete Help file

Windows Icon

RSImageSetup.exe (2.71MB)