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Photometrics Protection Guarantee

Photometrics is focused on exceeding your expectations. When you purchase a Photometrics camera, you have the confidence of knowing your purchase is backed by one of the industry's leading Warranty Plans, and your camera meets the standards of our Product Quality Policy. Ask about our retired Photometrics demonstration cameras that are also available for purchase and backed by these same guarantees.

Standard Protection Guarantee

Every Photometrics camera purchase includes a Standard Protection Guarantee that includes parts and labor, for a minimum of one full year from the date of purchase. The Evolve 512 Delta, Evolve 512. Evolve 128 and CoolSNAP MYO include a two full year Protection Guarantee. This Standard Protection Guarantee is applicable to both new and refurbished equipment purchases.

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Extended Protection Guarantee

In addition to the Standard Protection Guarantee, Photometrics offers extended Protection on all of its cameras. The Extended Protection Guarantee includes parts and labor, and is available as a three-year package.

When you purchase an Extended Protection Guarantee from Photometrics, you are assured fast response times with our commitment to minimizing down times.

The Extended Protection Guarantee is conveniently priced and very easy to purchase.

Photometrics also offers on-site training as well as online operational training programs. These programs are designed to get you up and running with your new camera quickly and efficiently.

Contact your Imaging Expert to learn more about an Extended Protection Guarantee from Photometrics.

Photometrics Technical Notes and FAQs

Download the Photometrics FAQs for a collection of common solutions

Evolve EMCCD Technical Notes

PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download PDF Reader for Free.

Photometrics Whitepapers

  • Dynamic Range
    The Dynamic Range describes the ratio between the smallest and largest possible values the camera can quantitatively detect.
  • Mean Variance
    The Mean Variance test is the industry standard for measuring and calculating the gain for every camera setup.
  • Read Noise
    The read noise is a measure of the uncertainty associated with each image acquisition and is a function of the camera system.
  • Signal to Noise Ratio
    Signal to noise ratio characterizes the quality of a measurement. It is necessary to ensure that the signal level relative to noise is adequate to allow capture of accurate image information.

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Service Bulletins

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Training Videos

The Photometrics Media Center is an online video resource that features training videos on a variety of topics. Realize all the benefits of your camera. From camera installation and calculators, to software and general operation, browse for categories that are of interest to you!

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Recommended Computer Specifications

Due to rapid advancement of computer CPU architectures and operating system updates, Photometrics tests and qualifies each of its cameras on the industry's most current computer platforms.

This following outlines the computers Photometrics has found to maximize scientific camera performance and those that are not recommended due to found performance issues.

Recommended Computers

Dell Computers

Photometrics has found the following Dell products provide high reliability for microscopy computer systems:

  • Precision
  • XPS
  • Alienware

Recommended Computer Specifications

  • Windows 7/8/10 64-bit operating system
  • 2.0 GHz or faster Intel processor: either Xeon or Core i7
  • 8+ GB RAM
  • 250+ GB serial ATA (SATA) HDD and/or >512 GB solid state drive (SDD) for high-speed imaging and storage
  • 512+ MB slot-based ATI/NVIDIA video graphics card (i.e., not an "onboard/integrated graphics" adapter)
  • USB3.0 port for use with the Prime CMOS and CoolSNAP CCD cameras
  • An open PCI-Express 4x (4 lane) interface slot or higher for use with the Prime PCIe interface card
  • An open PCI-Express 1x interface slot or higher for use with the Evolve Delta FireWire interface card

Photometrics Camera User Manuals

Photometrics camera user manuals are available for both current and legacy cameras. These files are provided as PDFs which require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download PDF Reader for Free.

sCMOS Cameras

EMCCD Cameras

CCD Cameras

Multichannel Cameras


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