Fixed Sample and Documentation ImagingFluorescence Microscopy

Fixed Sample and Documentation Imaging

Capturing, documenting and analyzing color and monochrome images requires a scientific camera capable of producing live images at video rates with high resolution and sensitivity for the highest, publication-ready quality.

Our range of cameras for fixed sample and documentation imaging ensures that you’ll find the combination of specifications that match your requirements.

Prime BSI photo

Prime BSI

High sensitivity, 95% quantum efficient, monochrome sCMOS camera with 6.5 µm pixels and 1.0 e read noise.

The highly sensitive, back-illuminated Prime BSI is particularly suitable for low light fluorescence imaging. With live imaging possible at over 60 fps full frame, users can rapidly find and focus on their samples and capture images using the shortest exposure times to minimize sample photodamage.

Documentation samples
Iris 9 photo

Iris 9

High resolution, 4.25 µm pixel monochrome sCMOS camera with 9 million pixels.

Maximize resolution with the Iris 9, perfect for when the highest level of image detail is required. Live imaging is possible at over 30 fps full frame with a high, broadband quantum efficiency to image dyes with the most challenging emission wavelengths.

Documentation samples
CoolSNAP DYNO photo


High resolution, 4.54 µm pixel monochrome CCD camera with 2.8 million pixels

The CoolSNAP DYNO produces highly detailed images with a speed and field of view lower than the sCMOS alternatives but ideally suitable for fixed sample and documentation imaging on a budget.

Documentation samples