Fixed Sample and Documentation ImagingFluorescence Microscopy

Fixed Sample and Documentation Imaging

Capturing, documenting and analyzing color and monochrome images requires a scientific camera capable of producing live images at video rates with high resolution and sensitivity for the highest, publication-ready quality.

Our range of cameras for fixed sample and documentation imaging ensures that you’ll find the combination of specifications that match your requirements.

Moment Camera


Ultra-compact, 7 Megapixel CMOS camera with a true global shutter, high speed and sensitivity.

The Moment delivers scientific, quantitative images utilizing the simple, versatile and high-speed USB 3.2 Gen 2 interface to deliver 50 fps full frame. Both data and power are provided by this same cable, simplifying installation.

A true global shutter minimizes the complexity of illumination control and the ultra-compact form factor ensures that it will fit easily onto any system allowing the capture and documentation of scientific images quickly and easily.

Documentation samples
Iris 9 photo

Iris 9

High resolution, 4.25 µm pixel monochrome sCMOS camera with 9 million pixels.

Maximize resolution with the Iris 9, perfect for when the highest level of image detail is required. Live imaging is possible at over 30 fps full frame with a high, broadband quantum efficiency to image dyes with the most challenging emission wavelengths.

Documentation samples

Retiga R6

High resolution, 4.54 µm pixel monochrome CCD camera with 6 million pixels.

The Retiga R6 produces highly detailed images with a speed and field of view lower than CMOS alternatives but ideally suitable for fixed sample and documentation imaging on a budget.

Documentation samples


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