Reference Program

Our reference program is a great place to see what other researchers and imaging specialists from all over the world are doing with Teledyne Imaging cameras and spectroscopy equipment. With a wide range of different products and applications, you can catch up on the latest research in your field and see what incredible images are being produced.

By producing your own reference with us, you are promoting your institute and research to a large platform of specialists and experts in the field, both on our website and well-established social media platforms.

Producing A Reference

Producing a reference with us couldn’t be easier, it’s as simple as having a chat with one of our application specialists and providing some images or spectra from your system, along with your consent.

When you express that you’d like to make a reference with us, for either a new or currently owned imaging device, here’s how a typical reference is generated:

We’ll handle the heavy lifting, all you need to do is talk about your research and provide an image! Here are some great examples of references from researchers doing amazing imaging work:

So if you like our imaging and spectroscopy equipment and would like to produce a reference about a new or existing device, get in touch and we’ll do the work. Enjoy talking about your research to fellow scientists and having a platform to share your hard work with the community, all with our reference program.