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High Content Imaging

High content imaging is a form of microscopy where the aim is to maximize data capture. This can involve automated imaging and quantitative data analysis in order to streamline experimentation and make imaging as high-throughput as possible.

This can involve custom-built imaging systems, powerful analysis software packages that can automatically detect features of interest, and the use of large FOV, high-speed scientific cameras in order to maximize experimental output wherever possible.

To find out more, see our application note introducing High Content Imaging.

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Systems For High Content Imaging

High content imaging is a complex application and can benefit from highly specialized hardware and software. There is the option to buy or build, both of which have their advantages and disadvantages.

The overall features of a high content imaging system need to allow for effective and streamlined imaging to maximize data output, considering detector sensitivity, throughput, ease of use, light sources, objectives, and more.

Analysis Programs For High Content Imaging

Powerful HCI imaging systems are invariably paired with smart analysis software, which must be able to process thousands of high-density images into digestible quantitative data.

Software can be used to acquire, analyze, and manage high content images, identifying objects, applying thresholds, segmenting images, and measuring features of interest. Automated analysis would be most efficient, but must be paired with optimized image capture.


High content imaging can benefit from a larger field of view (FOV, allowing more data capture per image. sCMOS camera sensors continue to grow larger, by pairing them with large, optimized optics allows for high levels of detail at low magnification.

The Mesolens is a giant custom-made microscope objective that allows for a huge 6 mm x 6 mm FOV, enabling the imaging of large tissue samples and whole live organisms at subcellular resolutions.

Cameras For High Content Imaging

In order to best optimize high content imaging systems, they should be paired with suitable detectors, such as high-speed sCMOS cameras with a large field of view.

Resolution, speed, field of view and sensitivity are all vital camera specifications and should all be considered when choosing a suitable camera for your high content imaging application.

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