Camera Warranty and Registration

Register Your Teledyne Photometrics Camera

Teledyne Photometrics is focused on exceeding your expectations. When you purchase a Teledyne Photometrics camera, you have the confidence of knowing your purchase is backed by one of the industry's leading Warranty Plans, and your camera meets the standards of our Product Quality Policy. Ask about our retired Teledyne Photometrics demonstration cameras that are also available for purchase and backed by these same guarantees.

Standard Protection Guarantee

Every Teledyne Photometrics camera purchase includes a Standard Protection Guarantee that includes parts and labor, for a minimum of one full year from the date of purchase. The Evolve 512 Delta, Evolve 512. Evolve 128 and CoolSNAP MYO include a two full year Protection Guarantee. This Standard Protection Guarantee is applicable to both new and refurbished equipment purchases.

Customer Assurance Seal

Extended Protection Guarantee

In addition to the Standard Protection Guarantee, Teledyne Photometrics offers extended Protection on all of its cameras. The Extended Protection Guarantee includes parts and labor, and is available as a three-year package.

When you purchase an Extended Protection Guarantee from Teledyne Photometrics, you are assured fast response times with our commitment to minimizing down times.

The Extended Protection Guarantee is conveniently priced and very easy to purchase.

Teledyne Photometrics also offers on-site training as well as online operational training programs. These programs are designed to get you up and running with your new camera quickly and efficiently.