High Content Imaging

High Content Imaging

High content imaging is primarily concerned with the automated analysis of large cell populations where the goal is to process as many cells as possible in the fastest time with the highest resolution.

To facilitate this, we offer scientific cameras that feature key specifications such as large fields of view, high pixel counts and fast speeds.

Kinetix photo


High sensitivity, 95% quantum efficient sCMOS camera with an incredibly high 400 fps full-frame speed and a massive 29.4 mm diagonal field of view.

The speed of the Kinetix significantly outperforms typical sCMOS devices. With a full-frame framerate of 400 fps and a 10 megapixel sensor, the Kinetix delivers over 4000 megapixels/second.

The huge 29.4 mm square sensor of the Kinetix is designed to increase throughput, maximize the amount of data captured in a single frame and significantly speed up data acquisition. Perfect for high content imaging applications.

Iris 15 Camera photo

Iris 15

High resolution, large field of view, monochrome sCMOS camera with 15 million pixels.

The Iris 15 is the ideal solution for high content imaging when resolution is of the greatest importance. The tiny, 4.25 µm pixels allow for the highest resolution while still delivering a large, 25 mm diagonal field of view to maximize throughput.

Prime BSI Express Camera

Prime BSI Express

High sensitivity, 95% quantum efficient, monochrome sCMOS camera with 4.2 million pixels and 1.0e read noise.

The highly sensitive, back-illuminated Prime BSI is particularly suitable for the lowest light high content imaging applications where detection is of vital importance.

Customer Stories

Multichannel Single Molecule Localization

Dr. Ian Dobbie The University of Oxford

“We find that the Prime BSI is an excellent camera, and we have had excellent support from Photometrics assisting us in utilizing this state-of-the-art camera in a cutting-edge super-resolution optical microscope. ”

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Whole Live Organism Imaging

Dr. Simon Berger University Of Zurich

““The advantage of the [Prime] BSI is you have high quantum efficiency, therefore you can image with lower illumination intensities and short exposure times for longer periods of time without damaging the animals.” ”

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Light Sheet Expansion Microscopy

Prof. Ulrich Kubitscheck University of Bonn

“”The large sensor of the Kinetix greatly reduces the number of required image tiles to cover the field of view… the signal to noise ratio is excellent.” ”

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