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Workshops and Courses

Remote Learning Seminars

We also host our camera workshops online! Expand your knowledge and gain a more thorough understanding of scientific cameras through one of our personalized remote sessions.

Learn about the history and development of scientific imaging devices, how they work and what applications they can be used for. What will you learn, and how will it influence your imaging experiments?

Web Consultation and Product Evaluation

Selecting a scientific camera is an involved process that requires considered evaluation. In a web consultation, we will remotely help you to make the best decision for your application.

Connect with an imaging expert to talk through your requirements then schedule a live-streamed camera demonstration to compare technologies. You will then have the option to request a camera to be shipped directly for a commitment-free personal evaluation.

Camera Courses

Teledyne Photometrics is a committed educator and has historically given camera courses to microscopy users, imaging facility leads, and application/salespeople worldwide.

You can join one of our two-day camera training courses in locations around the world – in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Camera Tech Workshops

Join us for educational seminars on scientific camera technology, covering topics such as sensor technology, interpreting datasheets, and application matching.

You can also book onto one of our practical sessions where we will have multiple cameras running – in these sessions, we will focus on quantitative analysis and answer any specific questions you may have.