Biochip, Genomics
and Microarray

Biochip, Genomics and Microarray

Biochip, genomics and microarray detection represent a large mix of applications with varying needs of a scientific camera.

Some may require long exposure times whereas others may prioritize high speed. Equally, some may require high resolution and others may need low light imaging capabilities.

To fit these different specifications, our range of scientific cameras is designed to include an option to match any of these applications.

Prime BSI Express Camera

Prime BSI Express

High sensitivity, 95% quantum efficient, monochrome sCMOS camera with 6.5 µm pixels and 1.0 e read noise, optimized for low signal imaging.

The Prime BSI Express also offers the highest speed and fastest acquisition times, made possible by the extreme sensitivity of the 95% quantum efficient sensor.

Additionally, the small form factor of the Prime BSI Express makes it easy to integrate into instruments.

Iris 15

The Iris 15 is our highest pixel count camera with 15 million, 4.25 µm pixels over a 25 mm sensor. 

Despite the large number of pixels, the Iris 15 is capable of high speed for fast throughput. It also has a high quantum efficiency over a broad range of wavelengths to optimize imaging at traditionally difficult wavelengths.

Iris 15 photo

CCD Cameras

CCD cameras are optimized for the longest acquisition times with low noise, high quantum efficiency and in-built image processing to deliver the highest image quality with long exposures.

Our CCD cameras also feature Extended Dynamic Range (EDR) to maximize dynamic range and full well capacity for imaging bright and dim signals in the same image.


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