Camera Integration Expertise

Integrating a camera into a new or existing product presents a number of challenges, particularly in cost and time.

Using our long history of integrating cameras, we are uniquely experienced and dependable to guide you through the process with the minimum amount of friction.

CCD Cameras

Designed For You

We design and manufacture a broad range of cameras that fit a large variety of applications.

All of our products can be customized as required, cut down or reconfigured to meet your price and performance specifications.

We can seamlessly integrate into your software with our dedicated PVCAM driver and features can be tailored to your needs.

Long Company History

We have been supplying custom cameras to instrument designers for most of our 40 year history – often winning supplier of the year.

Since we were founded in 1978, we have built a strong reputation for quality. This was recognized by Teledyne Technologies who brought us in to the Teledyne family of imaging companies in 2018, giving you the intimacy benefits of working with a small company combined with the financial backing of a larger corporation.

Guaranteed Supply

Certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, we maintain consistency of supply by ensuring that you have a separate bill of materials (BOM) for your needs. This gives you the assurance that the materials for your camera will always be available.

We do not make any changes to the product without your authorization.

Testing and Custom Validation

During the integration process, we run thermal and imaging performance tests to meet your design requirements.

Each camera also goes through our rigorous, standard FTP (Final Test Procedure) to guarantee performance. Additional procedures can be implemented to include what is important for you.