Customer Reassurance

History, Service And Quality

Teledyne Imaging is a group of leading-edge companies aligned under the Teledyne umbrella forming an unrivaled collective of expertise across the spectrum with decades of experience. Since 1978, Photometrics has served hundreds of thousands of scientists and researchers. We’ve always had an emphasis on innovation, working initially with CCD cooling technology, then pioneering EMCCD for life science research, and most recently developing the first back-illuminated sCMOS devices.

Not only do we lead the way with innovation, but our products are also designed with longevity in mind, guaranteeing service for multiple years. That’s why we live by these values:

3-year return-to-base warranty for CMOS products
Options to extend the warranty to 5 years
30-day new product swap-out guarantee if you experience technical issues or terminal failure
Firmware updates as required

Investment In User Experience

Using the product has to be easy, and we strive to live by this statement. We want to help you do your job by focusing on the little things that make life easier such as interfaces and software support or even putting alignment markers and screw points on cameras.

As part of our investment in software development, we work tirelessly with our partners to ensure that our cameras are available in your preferred software. That’s why we’re committed to:

Partnership with all leading microscopy companies
Free adapters for developer software such as MATLAB, LabVIEW, and Python
Investment in Micro-Manager and open source programs
Free Windows and Linux SDK with a large selection of examples
Feedback and relationships with users and developers to feed change

Global Commitment To Training

We believe that we have a responsibility to train our customers and potential customers on how their data is collected by scientific cameras and how better data could be acquired in the future.

We have provided formal camera training courses for much of our 40 year history as well as offering comprehensive applications and technical resources online.

To act responsibly in the current global environment, we are encouraging our customers to move more towards our web-based remote learning sessions and will shortly be announcing some much more advanced training.

Its not just a camera, it’s an imaging device. We all need to be responsible for the data we create – we want to spread this message far and wide. That’s why we have:

>1000 people trained on our courses
One-to-one remote learning open to all
Dedicated learning resources that go beyond product information
Dedicated technical notes and white papers to help scientists see what’s important
Commitment to web-based interactive courses

“Exchange Up” Program

We put in a lot of effort to understand our customers but we also know that things can change. We know that making the right purchase is a tough decision so to alleviate the pressure we have our “Exchange Up” program.

Within your first 90 days with your new camera, you may realize that you need a little more. Talk to us about options to recoup the value of your purchased camera and move to a higher specification model.

Our Customers Tell Our Story

We are privileged to work with the scientists that we support and we get excited when we get a glimpse in their world. The relationships that we form are essential to our success and our products are nothing without the users. That’s why we let our customers tell our stories.

In the Customer Stories section of our website, you can see exactly how people are using our equipment.

In 2020 we are also adding podcasting, with our new non-commercial interviews with interesting people talking about their science, their lives and their work. Search using your chosen podcast app for Science Off Camera and see what they have to say.

Refer A Colleague

In 2020 we are starting a referral program to thank our customers and allow them to pass on their experience to others.

Existing customers of our Prime series of cameras who recommend a colleague or collaborator can now register to receive a free Moment CMOS camera when the nominated person purchases a Prime 95B or Kinetix camera.

Terms and Conditions apply. Please contact us for more information.