Camera Tech Workshops

What is a Camera Tech Workshop?

Expand your knowledge and gain a more wholesome understanding of scientific camera technology.

Join us for an educational seminar on scientific camera technology, covering topics such as sensor technology, interpreting datasheets and application matching.

You can also book onto one of our practical sessions where we will have multiple cameras running – in these sessions we will focus on quantitative analysis and answer any specific questions you may have.

Practical Session

Attend a hands-on practical session with one of our scientific camera experts. You’ll be able to compare a range of scientific camera technologies first hand and learn to analyse your data correctly.

Camera Tech Seminar

Learn about the history and development of scientific camera technology. We’ll explain how they work and what applications they can be used for, as well as teaching all attendees how to interpret a typical camera datasheet. 


We will provide a range of scientific cameras for use in our practical sessions – including CCD, EMCCD and sCMOS. We will also be giving attendees a first look at new products.  



Learn how to effectively and quantifiably compare different camera technologies.


Understand the different camera technologies, including how they’re designed and how they work.


Discover what camera technology is best suited to your system and applications.

Parameter breakdown

Gain a full understanding of all the camera parameters you’ll ever see on a datasheet or technical note.

Optimizing camera performance

Make sure you’re getting the most out of your scientific camera and learn what factors can limit performance

Arrange a

follow up

During the session, arrange for us to visit your lab to test a camera on your system or discuss your application in more detail