QI695 CCD Camera

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The Analytical Instrumentation Designer’s Answer to Faster Better

This 6 MP CCD camera uses the latest USB3.0 computer interface and provides a USB2 compatibility for hardware design. The QI695 is affordable, even for routine, bench top instruments.

Extreme Low Light Imaging
  • 75% peak QE combined with low noise electronics reveals the weak signals missed by industrial cameras
  • Increased exposure time and binning enables detection of the faintest signals with deep sensor cooling to < 2 e-/pixel/hour
Rapid Find and Focus
  • 50 MHz two port readout simplifies finding and focusing on samples, while the ultra-low noise 725 KHz readout reduces electronic noise to neglible levels
Perfect Image Capture
  • Advanced anti-blooming and two-shot EDR and HDR modes extend dynamic range using separate exposures to capture the brightest and weakest signals present in the sample
Flawless Images
  • Intelligent Quantification provides advanced real-time FPGA algorithms to deliver better image quality
  • Intelligent Quantificaion enables Pixel Defect Correction — EDR — HDR — Dynamic Dark Frame Subtraction
Flexibility to Grow with Your Business
  • OEM customization of mechanicals, sensors, algorithms and testing ensures that investment in the QI platform pays for decades
Faster Time to Market
  • USB3.0 and PVCAM SDK makes integrating the QI695 easy and painless
  • USB2 mode for backward compatibility particularly with embedded computing hardware
  • Gel Electrophoresis
  • Biochip Measurements
  • Chemiluminescence
  • High Content Screening
  • Biomedical Analyzers
  • Cell Screening
  • Precision Photometry
  • Clinical Diagnostics
  • Tissue and Cellular Imaging

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