EVOLVEElectron-Multiplying CCD

High Performance EMCCD Cameras

Evolve® 512 Delta

  • High Speed Imaging
  • 16 µm x 16 µm Pixel Area
  • 67 fps

The Evolve 512 Delta was designed specifically for demanding super-resolution applications. This camera delivers an unprecedented new level of imaging speed and sensitivity.

Evolve® 128

  • Low Read Noise
  • 24 µm x 24 µm Pixel Area
  • 530 fps

The Evolve 128 is an enhanced imaging tool with on board intelligence. Features such as Quant-View® combined with superior stability enables precise and accurate research measurement and reproducible results.

Evolve® 512

  • High Sensitivity
  • 16 µm x 16 µm Pixel Area
  • 33 fps

This small, yet powerful Evolve camera is ideally suited for low-light bioimaging applications such as spinning disk confocal, TIRF, PALM, STORM and single molecule imaging.