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Episode 10: Peter Drent

Peter Drent is the CEO of the Dutch microscopy company, producer of the re-scanning confocal microscopy (RCM). Peter has a wealth of experience with confocal microscopy and its development, as well as its future, tune in to hear all about it!

Tune into this episode of Science Off Camera to hear about Peter’s experience with confocal microscopy, his 30 years in the imaging field, and!

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In 30 years I witnessed this progression, in 30 years from now, what story will you tell? If you think big it is going to happen.


Peter is the CEO of “Founded in 2016, strives to improve the microscopic imaging experience of all researchers. With our international and open-minded team, we develop innovative and ingenious designs in cooperation with our users, we provide the most user-friendly upgrade technology for microscopes. This brings opportunities to researchers to deliver breakthrough science. With the passion we have for science we create value for all our stakeholders.”


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